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We are a group of students who believe that everyone should practice and learn about the concept of financial literacy. No matter what stage of life one is at, we want to help everyone benefit financially. Our team comprises student experts who are willing to help you answer your questions and give you the right resources to help you achieve your financial goals. Topics covered during our events relate to subjects we believe are essential in order to aid with the creation of financial freedom. Through our ties within the industry, we bring in experts that help people get insight into the best banking practices and gain an understanding regarding the importance of being financially literate.

Scattered Coins


Help students achieve personal financial goals and success by providing them with resources and events such as educational materials, seminars, workshops and networking sessions with industry professionals. Through these offerings, we believe that we will ultimately accomplish in nurturing overall financial confidence amongst our members and bring prosperity to our community. 

Business Conference

We dream of the idea of financial freedom for our community and believe that gaining knowledge of basic finance today will enable individuals to be the leaders of tomorrow.